Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 11th

Dear Life,

Why do you hate me so today? Today was my first day back in the real world after being in sick exile for three days straight. Everything seemed really hard to get back into: walking for long periods of time, dealing with the heat, breathing, paying attention, and not being sleepy. Plus I had a huge backpack on today with all my crap for the whole day, and we walked forever to find the only McDonald's in Florence. Apparently they ban McDonald's inside the city, so we had to walk to the other side of it to eat. Also we painted today in class and I dropped my painting and got a ton of paint all over one of my favorite shirts, which I wore on accident. Plus my sickness has turned into a persistent cough and heavy lungs that make it hard to breathe. This is the time where I make a list of what I am grateful for. Fingers. Ice. Nutella. Boy. Bed. Skin. Computer. Hearing. Being American. Shoes? Let's hope I have a better attitude tomorrow, shall we? 

UPDATE: So, after a series of events, I don't have to wait until tomorrow to feel better about my life. I went to FHE at Eric's apartment, which has an amazing courtyard. We found out that we're going to Luca tomorrow (music to my ears since I am ready to see some new sights). We played a really fun get to know you game (oxymoron?) called "Never Have I Ever" except it was in a big circle and the person leading stood in the middle and when they said their thing everyone who HAD done that thing ran around trying to find a new spot, and the person left in the middle had to start over. Usually I hate those kinds of games, but it was really funny. Bethann and Eric are SO chill, they mesh really well with our group. Bethann is really bubbly and fun (not in an annoying way bubbly, just genuinely happy), and Eric reacts funny to idiots in our group. I love waiting to see what he'll say next. He's also really calm and interesting. Great teachers. They also have great kids/nephews. 


Gelatto always helps cheer one up, so we got some of that at FHE (lime and coconut), then a group of us walked the river, heard some sweet tunes from some outdoor musicians. We stumbled across one girl who should be in the opera, if she isn't already. She had a microphone on, with good acoustics, and a BOMBese accordian player accompanying her. I wish I could afford to give each performer I see money, but I can' alas I had to reward her with my furious clapping. We met some guys from Texas at the ATM who I think thought we were picking them up. When really...we were just excited to hear American voices and see American clothes. Seriously weren't that hot. Also Kelsey and I both have awesome dudes in our lives already. So yes. I love walking at night when the air is the perfect temperature. People here in Italy go out every night, even if it's just to hang out. I kind of like it, because I think they're more calm here because they get to unwind every night by getting some exercise, some socialization, and some frekking GELATTO man. After that Amber and I went on a walk by ourselves. I get really hyper sometimes in that group and she helped me calm down a little bit before bedtime. We tried to find an ATM that would take my card, but to no avail. It's really frustrating having money, but not being able to get a hold of any of it. I will try tomorrow in Luca. 

Also, the kicker...I got to hear Matt's voice tonight. He always makes me feel better about life. Thank youuuuu Matthewwwww. *nod*

Lungs still feel like an anvil is sitting on them. Problem. Answer? Always gelatto. Payce!


P.S. Washed my boob-paint shirt, and most of the paint magically disappeared. It's a friggin miracle! Thank you God, for saving my shirt. The end. I mean amen.

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