Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10th: Sick Sunday

I'm feeling better today. I decided not to go to church since it was really early and I still felt super sick. I slept until my body made me wake up, took a shower, and tried to sleep again, but it didn't work. I ended up being able to nap later in the afternoon, which felt good. I had dinner with my roommates and went over to the main girls' apartment to get some socializing in. I am going stir-crazy in this apartment, even more so now that I've been sick. It's blocks away from anyone else, and no one ever comes over here since the girls' apartment is the main hub, and right by the boys. It drives me crazy that I have to come home at night, since my friends are in that apartment. I'm trying to be grateful, but really just want to move over there. 

I went on a walk with Amber and Chase tonight. We walked in a direction we had never been before. We didn't really get anywhere special. It was just nice to walk in the night air and talk with friends. I'm really glad there are people on this trip who understand me. It makes things more fun. Chase and Amber are two of those people. Thank goodness for them.

After our walk we played Uno Attack and a weird version of Charades with people at Amber's apartment. They literally have no space in that apartment, so we pulled out the pull-out bed/couch and played on that in their kitchen. Apparently I'm really bad at both of those games. How do you act out Nelson Mandella?! I also found out that Amanda has a pet duck and Amber is scared to call her boyfriend's house phone, even though his family is super cool. Also laundry here is 7 euros at a laundrymat. How ridiculous is that? I think Italy makes unnecessary things more expensive here so people won't buy them. I guess it's good for the environment, buy bad for spoiled American students who are used to getting everything on a whim.

Time for some personal notes:

Mom: I already told you, but Happy Mother's DAY! I'm sorry I couldn't call. The internet was booked when I went over to the apts with internet in them.

Dad: Thanks for helping me figure out things last night! I still haven't tried to use my card since it's Sunday. Update soon.

Maureen and Ken: How are baby things going? School? Jobs? 

Aaron: Want to keep tradition going and come pick me up in Italy? C'mon, it'll be fun! 

Matthew: I will try to call you as soon as I can because I miss your voice!!! We are 1/3 of the way through :) Thank you for being so great.

Brian and Melissa: How are wedding plans going? Did you find dresses yet?

Mata: How do you like the blog? What have you been up to lately?

Fahey Grandparents: How are you liking the newly decorated house? Grandma, where are we going to visit when you guys come to Italy?

Wistie: I got half of your video message before I had to get offline. I like them :) I'm sorry you have drama and will try to call you soon so you can vent. Come back to Provo so we can be in-person friends again :)

Jeannette: I wish you were here to be ridiculous with me. Have you met the love of your life yet?

Steve: Two more days! Tell me all about the reunion. Also, keep Matt sane for me, ok?

Amy: Can't wait to see your FAYCE soon. Do you have a Mexican accent? Where are you living when you come home?

Everyone else: You're awesome and I will send you each personal love notes if you comment on my blog! P.S. These are in no particular order, seeing as I love each of you equally. Ok maybe a few people a little more ;-) Feel free to fight over who that is.

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van said...

hey i'm glad you're feeling better - and I REALLY like your new background!

Maureen said...

Baby is good. Alive and wiggling:) I have another doctor appointment today, so hopefully we will get a good report!

Ken is working for BYU temporarily full time on a project in the stadium, and getting sunburned all the time. No other leads yet.

After today, there are exactly 13 more school days. Not like I'm counting or anything. Sorry you are sick, seestor! I loff you!:)

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