Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When in Rome! (edited with pictures)

The view from our hotel, which is on the fourth floor and looks over a courtyard.
My roommate, Lisa. She's pretty cool.
Seriously, guys...WIZZ?!?! I thought it was hilarious. Obviously no one else did. JK I didn't tell them because I knew they wouldn't. I miss you guys!
VILKOMEN TO AIH LUFTHANSA. This airline is amazing! The food was good, I had my own tv, and the flight attendants were really nice. Too bad I didn't sleep at all.
Amber, Alisa, and Sarah, waiting in line in the Frankfurt, Germany airport to get through customs. 

Hi family and friends,

If you haven't been able to reach me, it's because we got in, I tried to call you guys, and realized my phone isn't working internationally. I'm going to try to figure it out tomorrow. After three flights, 18 hours, 1 sleeping pill, 2 hours of sleep in the airport, 1 crazy drive to our hotel, 1 cup of gelatto, and 1 semi-frustrating real italian meal, I'm here and I'm stinky, and exhausted. But things are good. I have been making friends, and am really excited to live with my 3 roommates. The girls here are nice. Some seem kind of distant, but I think the jet lag has gotten to everyone. Things will pick up tomorrow, I'm sure. 

Rome is an interesting city. The drive between the airport and the "New Rome" was really green, and the houses on the hills reminded me of apartments in L.A. Once we crossed the arches that signified "Old Rome" the buildings started looking more like what I expected to see. There are still modern shops, but they''re surrounding the old gated city. My friend Amber said it perfectly when she said it was like an architecture zoo. The man who drove us to our hotel was on his phone the whole time, weaving in and out of lanes and creating his own. The driving is crazy here but it seems like people are under control. 

This girl, Kelsey and I have decided to obnoxiously use the phrase "When in Rome!" as much as we can before we leave. We've used it about 20 times since we got here, and it's only been a few hours!

Our hotel is so cute. We had to walk up like 10 flights of stairs to get to the 4th floor. There are like four hotels in the same building, each on a separate floor. Hotel Nardizzi Americana is run by two brothers who seem so overwhelmed to have our whole group in their hotel at once. They're kind of rude and short with us, but I think that's just the Italian way. I think we're all having culture shock. Imagine 20-25 people, mostly young college girls, walking around Rome with wide eyes and matching backpacks. We're quite a spectacle and it cracks me up how naive we are. Eight of us had dinner at this small pizzeria, and I could tell the waiters were getting so frustrated with us and our American ways. We had to split the bill five ways, and most of us didn't have euros. It is truly a humbling experience to be in a different country where you are so alienated from the culture, customs, and language. I hope things will become more natural for me as the week goes on. 

Tomorrow we are going to tour Rome. I am exhausted and stinky to the extreme and missin you guys, but excited to be here. To anyone who cares, I kept having extreme altitude farts on the 9 hour plane ride over. Good thing they weren't stinky...I just wanted to tell someone. Also I picked my first wedgie on the European continent today in front of my hotel. I thought that was a pretty important tidbit for the world to know. 

Oh also, the view from our room was amazing before they switched us. There was also a really high door above my one of the beds, so we decided to investigate. There was a box of shampoo samples up there, and with much maneuvering, we got the box down and stole a bunch of samples so we won't go crazy with dirty hair before we find a store. It was a good bonding moment. At this point you don't want to hear anything else, so I will try to call or email as soon as possible. 

*EDIT* I figured out that I have to wait two days to make international calls. I will call when I can! 
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Chelsea said...

Kellie. I am jealous to a point of ridicule. I love that you are in Rome- keep updating!!

Anonymous said...

i'm soooo glad you are having a good time. steal samples for me! ;) and find someone to fit through a small hole... anywhere... that way i can feel like i am there with you. i now have to find your replacement... do you think nori's up for the challenge? hopefully! i miss your face and can't wait to hear your voice!

Erin said...

I'm so excited for you! This is going to be such a great experience. FYI watch out for middle-aged not so good looking Italian men. They are perverts. Good luck! You'll do great!

Matthew said...

sounds fun!

Naazju said...

Good luck with the international calling!

Also, congratulations on making it to Rome safely! I can't wait to hear about more of your adventures and I hope you post pictures! :D

Stephen said...

I'm sure you can thank Pre. Uchtdorf for riding Lufthansa

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