Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've talked about my sketchbook a few times on here. It started off as a requirement for an art education class, but I really enjoy recording my thoughts via words and images. Someone asked me to show them some pages, so I took some pictures to show you. I'm not saying I'm a great artist, I just wanted to share the images that have helped me understand the world around me. Enjoy!

"Every opportunity is a chance to share tour Savior's love with someone."
When I grow up I want to be a...Pilot's Wife." Dear Matthew...

"Some people are just idiots. THIS MEANS YOU."My facebook status from the past week. The middle part is a quote from the book I have been systematically covering up with my sketches. It says, "You can't become what you're not, but you can become more of what you already are."

A magazine transfer using acrylic matte medium.

Visual Culture

Watercolor Resist Techniques
We printed a fish!
My faith page

A hidden page...

I covered the outside by mod podging scrapbook paper onto it and bracketing a hole into both sides to tie a ribbon around.

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Naazju said...

Um, you're an amazing artist. All the variety that you showed isn't even close to what I imagined your sketchbook to be. Continue expressing yourself in such a beautiful manner!

Stephen said...

Two words: You're pretty amazing ;)

Erin said...

This is REALLY cool.

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