Friday, March 13, 2009

Decisions decisions

Anyone who knows me know that I HATE being told what to do...from anyone. So when I went to institute last night with Matt, I did not appreciate the following interaction:

-This is my third time here so his teacher asks who I am
-so I tell him I'm Matt's girlfriend
-more people walk in, class starts
-I make one comment and two girls stop the class and say "I'm sorry, are you guys like dating or something? Are you both going on missions? What's going on here?"
-"Yeah, we're dating."
-"So are you going to go on a mission?"
-"He's going on a mission, I'm supporting him."
-"If you went on a mission, you could be back before he even gets home! What are you like 21? That'd be perfect!"
-"Actually, I'm 20. And I have no plans to go on a mission."
-girls don't hear me
-teacher starts talking about couples who have both gone on missions before and came back and got married
-i stop trying because it's not worth it.

Alright, let me get on my soap box for a minute because I like the view from up here. I am 100% supportive of anyone who wants to go on a mission, male or female. But I hate when girls get the notion in their pretty little heads that just because going on a mission is or was right for them, that they feel like they can make that decision for other people. I am excited for Matt, I support him and think it will be a great experience. But does that mean that I have to go on one while he's gone just to fill up my time? Because honestly, if I don't have the sincere desire to go, won't it be just that---a filler? I wish I had the desire to go on a mission. But I believe that I have things to do during those two years that Matt will be gone that could be more beneficial to everyone: like getting a degree, learning more about who I am ALONE, and trying to find my bearings before I get married. Really, I think that would be a better use of my time (personally), and I don't think anyone should have a say in that. It's my life and my decision. If I get the prompting to go, I will go willingly. But that is between me and the Lord, so I would appreciate it if anyone with the desire to sway me would just back off. Your time will be more well spent with a pushover.
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Naazju said...

Um, that conversation was kind of awesome (in a funny way, not in the ignoring you way).

And as long as you're listening for His imput, don't worry too much about what everyone else is saying.

wistie said...

dear kellie,

go on a mission!


Jeannette said...

My personal belief is that you need to find someone to inherit 5 billion dollars from so we both can be 5 billionaires together even before Matt gets home.

Pray about it.

Yeah, I just told you what to do, biatch.

Molly Mormon said...

Thought you might want to see this:

Allie said...


You could follow my example... Matt could leave and you could get engaged 3 months later. I'll tell you... one does get a lot of strong opinions from people about that one...

Liz said...

Those folks typically are ones who have a very narrow concept of "missions," anyway. As if you're only doing missions if you're on another continent.

PS: I posted that picture.

Carrie Anne said...

well said...lame people BUG, huh?:) you will have TONS of fun stuff to do while he's'll learn a TON...& you'll have NO REGRETS in the process so do whatever the H you want...i hate people telling me what to do, too.:)

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