Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Well behaved women rarely make history."

I hope one day that I can be the kind of mom who has fun with her children, knows how to discipline, but whose love shines through at every moment. I hope that I can fulfill my dreams to show my children what they can reach for. I hope that my husband and I can raise smart, fun, capable, creative, and considerate children who are strong in the Gospel and can think for themselves. I hope that my children will have a desire to grow close to their Heavenly Father and their family on earth. I hope that they find joy throughout their lives, even through trials that will someday make them stronger. I hope that I can become the woman I need to be to teach them all these things when it's time to have a family. I hope I can use everything I have learned from the amazing women around me to make this world a better place. This is my dream.

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Jeannette said...

I really think you're going to be a great momma. It's scary to think that in a few short years, it's likely that you'll be carrying a lil baby around. Name it after me, aight?

Just remember: Our families will share New Years and 4th of July. It's tradition. (Or at least we'll try really really really hard and I'll guilt my hubby into it if he objects. Matt isn't allowed to object.)

PLUS I super love that quote.

wistie said...

this was beautiful.

Kellies said...

Jeannette, I totally concur. We will live next door to each other. If Matt gets a job and has to move, you will move with us. Our children will all marry each other, which means we have to have opposite sex children that are two years apart. Let's be scientific about this! And I will not name my baby after you because then it'd be Jeannette Hardin and Matt said that if he has to Marry, Eff, or Kill you, he'd marry oyu cuz you're like me. And that makes me jealous. Maybe a middle name or something.

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