Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Deep Dark Secret

I am plagued with the constant thought that I could always be a better person than I already am, do a better job at school, wake up earlier, take harder classes, be more social, not be as lazy, do more things...it never ends. I haven't always been this way. My whole life I've pretty much been used to being an average person. But lately this nagging feeling of "what you're doing isn't enough" has been weighing me down. Sometimes I wish my conscience would take a day off.

What would you do if you knew there weren't any consequences involved (aka you had no conscience) for one day?
This may be a morbid question, but I'm very interested to see what people say. I know we live in Provo, people, but find some shred of your dark side and share it!
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wistie said...

um, i would steal a car, rob a bank, take everything i could ever want really. i really don't think i would shoot anyone, but you never know.

Shmem Solid said...

Hmm, I would prolly just sleep all day, or perhaps just play computer games all day. Or perhaps I dunno.

Stephen said...

I would hijack a plane and fly down to Mexico, pick up Amy, then fly to Italy, and break in to see the closed parts of all of the cool things there. Oh yeah, plus also break in to the Vatican Vault. Then I'd probably travel throughout Europe and then head on over to China.

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