Saturday, January 31, 2009


The weekend is the only part of the week that I care about. And it was great! On friday, after observing at Oakridge Elementary school for seven hours, I finally got to see Matthew. We drove up to Draper on a whim (a 40 minutes drive), all to get some delicious Chipotle that makes you fart and regret every bite later...It was so worth it. Then we tried to drive around Draper to get a feel for it and got LOST. Draper has some amazing houses that we are both thoroughly jealous of. Three story mansions made out of stone up on ridick hills. Who knew..Utah. Huh.

So then Wistie and I went to GIRLS NIGHT up in da club aka Cat's HOUSEEEE like two hours late cuz we got cough lost and it was a freaking PARTY. Five cokes. Cat's food. Games. Old times. ridiculous sugar highs. farting. booty dances. dirty jokes. It was the BEYST. And then after about five hours of running around and being obnoxious, I just crashed. Boom baby, out on the floor. What a deep sleep. Then we woke up and watched the mormon movie Passage to Zarahemla. Funny to laugh at, not so bad acting, weird cholo gangsters and quintessential Mormons. And THEEEEEEN I went out to ice cream with some girls in my ward who are really nice. Guess it counts as VT. Better than a normal visit, that's for sure! And THEEEENNN straight to Matt's. We went out on the town getting stuff done. Bought Ken a b-day present, ate some Olive Garden (my current fave but that might change soon...I think I'm getting too much of a good thing.) Then we came back and took a nap in my nook. I love the nook. It's a drop-down are in my living room with a fireplace and our tv. So comfortable, almost like a bed with the foofies down. I actually fell asleep and then Matt came to get me for Hardin Family Game Night! I thought it was going to be weird but it was fun! I learned how to play Settlers of Catan, which I always thought was a weird game, but it actually takes a lot of thought and strategy. I still don't understand it all, but I had a good time.

These activities might sound lame to someone else, but I love chill yet busy weekends with people I love. I thoroughly enjoy all of my time with Matthew, no matter what we're doing. Our little conversations mean more to me than going on a fancy schmancy date with anyone else. I loved seeing all my old friends and catching up, and getting to know new girls in my new ward. What a great time!
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