Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A BMI Theory

What do you guys think about BMI? I've heard mixed reviews on whether or not it actually means a whole lot. One of my friends has a theory that BMI tracking is off because it never accounts for boobs haha! I haven't been crazy tracking my BMI, but I do have this nerdy spreadsheet that tracks my current weight, my overall weight lost, waist size, resting heart rate (thanks to my FitBit) and my BMI. Everything but the current weight and weight lost is so sparsely filled out, but it's nice to look at the difference between Day 1 and now.

My BMI has gone down 4.1 points. Looking at the chart today, I've jumped down almost two categories. Before I was in the "extremely obese" section, I'm barely in "obese" right now, and I'll be down into "overweight" once I get another point knocked off. The thing is, I don't feel like I was extremely obese. Yes, I was really big...but extremely obese to me means you're 400+ lbs, can't leave your bed, and need lapband surgery. I wasn't there yet, so the BMI chart sometimes makes me feel sad. But I'm happy I'm going down into a healthier BMI. I guess I just won't put too much stock in's just nice to get a reference point for where my body's at. For now, I'm half in the "it doesn't account for boobs!" camp and half in the "this is nice to know" camp.

What's your opinion on the BMI scale? Kayla, I just know you've done some research on it. Share your wisdom, guys!
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K La said...

Haha! I think I know just about what you do! I've heard some people say it doesn't mean much, and some people say you should only do BMI and forget weighing yourself.

For me, personally, I like to judge my progress by dress/pant size. Weight can fluctuate day to day, hour by hour, so I can weigh myself and be depressed even if I've lost weight, but if I realize my jeans aren't as tight or I'm down a full size, I'm thrilled! It takes longer so you don't have the every day or even every week data, but it works for me. I think you've found what works what you. once you find that out just ignore everyone else. ;)

Rachelle Nicole. said...

BMI isn't very accurate and doesn't account for muscle at all. A body builder would be considered obese. Its not very accurate.

Lydia said...

I've been told by a doctor who has done studies on weight that's it's pretty much crap/badly made. Like you said, it can be nice to have something to go by, but I don't trust it completely.

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