Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 17, Day 113 - The Wedding Ring

My wedding ring hasn't fit comfortably on my finger for a while now. A few months ago I took it off and replaced it with a simple silver band. I just refused to give up and get it resized. It seemed like resigning to my fate of being fat forever. So I took it off and I went to work. I tried putting it back on a few times, but it just never went on comfortably. I always had to shimmy it on with lotion, and that was not gonna fly.

So today I thought I'd try again, and sure enough it fits! It's still a little tight since I'm probably 15 lbs over how much I weighed when we got married, but I'll take it.

I've been waiting for my ring to fit again for months! It's a good feeling.

Another good but not so good feeling is that I have been feeling really sick lately. Like nauseous, phlegmy, headachey and tired. Those are all signs of early pregnancy, but they could also just be signs of the flu.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up. But I also know that I am super in tune with my body. If something is even a little off, I know it and I am super aware of it until it goes away completely. So.......we wait.

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