Monday, April 15, 2013


I have this personality flaw where I'm always wanting what I can't have. When I was single I spent way too much time wishing I weren't. Now that I look back on just a few years ago, I miss things that only could have happened while I was living in an apartment full of crazy awesome girls.


One night we decided to go clubbing...

In Provo that means finding a place where people your age are trying to look cool by dancing self-consciously to radio music. It was a pretty normal night out and we were having a great time.

Then we noticed this girl dancing next to us who had us transfixed. She was beautiful in that way that makes you want to hate her but you can't...because she looked awesome. She was disheveled but clean, cared but didn't care, and probably liked to sneak into swimming pools and could convince complete strangers to do so with her. She's the kind of girl that all guys want to date because she's the perfect mix of girly +  boyishly laid-back.

The way she danced literally made me stare at her, because I had never seen anything like it before. Her head was down, her eyes were closed, her knees were kind of bent, her arms were in raptor mode, and no matter how fast the song was, she always moved her body slowly with the smallest movement imaginable, and the most movement came out of here fingers. She looked like she was playing an imaginary piano with her eyes closed, and she did not give one **** as to who saw her. I was transfixed.

Ever since, my friends and I have perfected that dance and have spread it like butter. Even more liberating than the Harlem Shake.

And now I have a word for it.

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