Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday Favorites (a day late)

I hate excuses. I just didn't do it.

The sunshine is back in Provo! I can't express how much better I feel when the sun is around. Can I bottle this feeling up and save it for three months from now when I'll be tempted to complain about the heat? 

This week: my mom is in town because my sister had a wee little behbeh, I'm recovering from my jaunt in Texas, and I'm wishing I had a superpower called a MAID. 

Linky links:

This would be a fun gift.

How to use a beauty blender (I'm thinking about getting one).

Google keeps blowing my mind. Check out Google Lit Trips.

This dandelion puff jar melts my heart.

Brunch is a thing that should happen more often.

This Honey Peach Frozen Yogurt only has 3 ingredients. (Can you guess what they are? Haha.)

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Job and Rachael said...

I love these roundups. You find the best mix of things :) and yes, brunch rocks. Job and I have been having it as much as possible lately :)

Kellie said...

Thanks! They might be my favorite to make, too. It's a really fun way to share stuff that doesn't merit it's own post. I haven't had brunch in too long. When you come back to Utah we should have cousins brunch.

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