Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Funny Valentine

Last week we went on our Valentine's date. Matt always likes to make a big deal out of this day, so I was excited to see what he had planned! The last two years we did Valentine's day together, he picked amazing restaurants. This year we went to Fresco Italian Cafe, a house-turned-boutique-restaurant in Sugarhouse that was as hard to find (and as charming) as Narnia. The food there was so good Matt almost cried when he took the first bite of his steak. Everything there had at least six descriptively-hyphenated words attached to it. In this case, the more words, the better! This may be the second best meal I've ever had (only trumped by our first Valentine's Day meal at Tuscany).

It was fun to have an excuse to dress up and spend some time together outside of our apartment. Every time we go up to Salt Lake, we end up having a great time. Why don't we go up there more often? Dinner was followed by an evening at Abravanel Hall. The Utah Symphony performed music from Romeo and Juliet and Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky. I had never been to a legit symphony before, so I was pretty impressed! I used to set up the stage background before performances at BYU, so I was double impressed. Those panels looked heavy!

Matt made sure to remind me that his main reason for going the symphony was for school credit. I guess that was a hint that I shouldn't get used to this? I think he changed his mind once he heard that live music, because he walked out at the end talking about coming back. I think we have a believer on our hands. Lucky me :)

And...a really bad iPhone photo.

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