Sunday, January 27, 2013

15 things I would do to get rid of this inversion headache.

The Gallon Challenge.
Reenact Life of Pi.
Go on a double date with Paris Hilton.
Watch CNN for 5 hours straight. Eyes taped open.
Sit in a room full of strangers for an evening. No one talks.
Drive through a snowstorm made of screwdrivers.
Five minute of uninterrupted eye contact.
Hold a sales job. 
Renounce Tina Fey. (Sorry, girl.)
Pull an all-nighter watching boys play video games.
Go clubbing.
Read a romance novel out loud to a crowded room.
Walk a tight rope in stilettos.
Run a marathon.
Listen to Nickelback on repeat for 24 hours in the chokey with stage lights on me.

I would do them all if they would make this monster in my head go away. I would.

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