Monday, December 17, 2012

A Christmas Card

Can I just count our wedding announcement as this year's Christmas card? Who am I even asking? Who is in charge of all these questions? The answer for me is, my delusional self. Yes, Kellie. This totally counts. You can post a Christmas card on your blog and it will totally be the same as sending out a nice paper one to all your friends and family. 

Technically we haven't even been married a whole year. So this Christmas, we're taking our mulligan. Expect a Christmas card for the next 50 straight years. Or until the apocalypse comes.

(Please pretend you received this card after December 21, 2012).
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Sabrina Mitchell said...
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Sabrina Mitchell said...

I like it. Well done.

Miss Mochi said...

Eco-friendly and cheaper! I like it!

K La said...

Giggle giggle. Love it. Saves on postage and saves trees.

Merry Christmas!

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