Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Favorites

Happy weekend! Not gonna lie, this was the longest week ever. But, at least we are all kinds of ready for Christmas around here! On Monday (for FHE) M + I may have sat around in our unmentionables and watched The Voice...but then we decorated our Christmas tree! We're all about keeping it real. I'm so excited for Christmas that today's post will be mostly dedicated to my favorite holiday. Here you go! 

The island where people forget to die. What?!

12 healing foods to cure headaches and other ailments.

Christmas is coming! I'm more excited this year than any other year! Here's a list of things to do in November to get ready for crazy December Christmas-month.

Have you heard of renter's wallpaper? I kind of hate those sterile white walls that come with rented apartments. I might have to get some of this myself...

Wondering what to get me for Christmas? I knew you were! Let's start with these vintage Santa matryoshka nesting dolls. Oh boy!

Look! A free, cute, printable DIY Christmas calendar.

One of my Bucket List items: Sleep under the Northern Lights in an ice igloo in Finland. Yes, please!

Need a neighbor gift for Christmas? This is super easy and better than cookies.
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Leah Lott said...

Kelly! I found your blog! And I am commenting on your post! I'm glad survived last week and I am super jealous you have all next week off. Have so much fun in Arizona, I love your Christmas decorations (and your penguin picture) and uh... word!

Kellies said...

Yay you found my blog! Thank you. We had a great time in Arizona. Back to reality now...

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