Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eternal Things

I have been thinking a lot about eternal things lately. I am trying to study the Gospel more (read scriptures, ponder + attend the temple) and understand my eternal purpose. By trying to spend my energy caring about eternal things like family, personal progress, God and my marriage, I feel like all the little insignificant things have started to fall away. Life is hard, tedious and frustrating at times. But it is also full of joy, wonder and amazing moments. I am trying to focus on the latter. 

Speaking of Christmas (wait, what?), I am trying to make this my most spiritual Christmas yet. I do love posting holiday gift guides, but I am also planning some fun December activities for my family to build up some awesome Christmas memories. In 10 years, we will all remember how we felt instead of what we got, anyway.

Here is a great website to get you into the true spirit of Christmas! You can read the Christmas story, quotes from some very inspired men, and listen to some srsly great Christmas music.

Happy Sunday! 

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