Thursday, May 5, 2011


It is so interesting to me to see the kind of people certain people choose to date. Mostly because that person is most likely as close to their "ideal person" as they can find, especially if they are dating long-term. Honestly, a lot of times I am baffled....HE/SHE is your ideal person? Do you realize that they give a bad first impression and addicted to Tina Fey? Oh wait, that's me. But really, that sounds really mean. I've realized that a lot of things I say come out mean, when really they are just a matter of fact. Now that sounds cocky. That happens a lot, too. I promise I am less cocky than I am sounding right now.

I still can't believe that I was someone's ideal. 

My roommates and I were talking about "our people" and how everyone has a person...kind of like in Friends when Ross and Rachel get back together and Phoebe shouts, "She's his lobster!"

Ross and Rachel's possible love child according to this theory.

Person = lobster. Get it? Even though lobster, I'm pretty sure, is supposed to mean soul mate in this situation, I think you can have a lot of People in your life. These are not normal people. These are people who you feel comfortable peeing with the door open when they're around. You can sit in the same room with these people for hours and not say a word and still come out of it thinking, "that was a pretty good day". These people learn your nuances and can recite them to others like, "Don't ask kRo to tell you anything about this movie you are about to watch, because she has movie detail amnesia." Your world becomes defined by these people and they don't even try. 

And this is the part where I quote Sex and the City. "What if we were each other's soulmates?" I'm pretty sure this is the closest to lady love that I'll ever get, because I just love me the men too dang much. They smell good and are better at cuddling. Insert awesome wrap-up here.
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