Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekend Update

The semester is winding down. I am proud of my accomplishments and friendships built this semester. I am even sad to see it end? Good thing I won't be graduating for another year so I can be more involved in the art education department.


-I received a scholarship for spring/summer without applying for it. That was really a blessing and I am honored and thankful to the donors who supplement artists' educations so we can create!

-I have had three pieces in two shows this semester. Why didn't I start entering them sooner?

-I have had the opportunity to watch my nephew Charlie twice a week for the past month while my sister and brother in law work. He always puts a smile on my face. The first few weeks Matt left, it was especially nice to see him because he took my mind off of my worries and made me appreciate the family I have close by.

-I have been helping my friend Tammy design a booklet of the Art Ed show. It's fun to teach someone else how to use InDesign and it will be good on my resume.

-I was nominated to be the publicity person for the NAEA student chapter next year, and I am excited to get more involved, even if I am not in charge of anything.

-My relationships with people in the Art Ed department have shaped my whole college career and I am grateful to associate with such wonderful people.

-Ken, Maureen and Charlie are moving to Washington soon and I will miss them.

-Jeannette and I decided that since we are magically graduating at the same time (thanks to me being a year behind), that we are going to celebrate by going on an out-of-country vacation within a year of graduation! Hopefully, unlike the Portland extravaganza-q, this will actually happen.

-Matt writes me amazing long letters and sends me pictures. The days I get those, my whole day is better. Life is different but full and I am grateful to have an amazing boyfriend who is worthy to serve God and the people of Cebu for two years. I am also grateful for what I have learned in the short month he has been gone: life does not end when challenges come my way; I am amazingly blessed; God loves and watches over me; I choose how happy I am; and that we need these two years to grow separately so we can be even more amazing together.

-My shortcomings do not define my self-worth.
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