Sunday, February 28, 2010

Matt's Farewell

First of all, I'm watching The Marriage Ref, and the wife just said, "Guess what? People in Hell want ice water, but they don't get it." Lol. Now off to better things...

Matt's gave his farewell talk in church today. Apparently Matt is an "awful public speaker" but I didn't see it. His talk was very sincere and thoughtful...even if his knees were shaking beneath the pulpit. Our friend Josh and his fiancee Anisa came with us to support him. 

Matt's family and a family of another missionary sang the prelude "With Faith in Every Footstep" and I didn't cry. I also got through the solo the other missionary sang. But I lost it for a couple minutes during Matt's talk. Do I get points for not crying for the rest of the day?

Too bad I don't have any pictures from church or dinner, but we took one when we dropped Josh and Anisa off.

Yes, he is tall and skinny and I am short and fat. Deal with it!

Crouching tiger.

Matt reports to the MTC on March 10th. 
People have asked me what I am going to do once he leaves for two years. Honestly, I am very sad because we have dated for 19 months and he is my best friend. But most of me is also insanely proud of him and excited. He is ready to leave, his family is proud of him, and based on his talk and his character, he will do an amazing job. During his talk he said, "Someone's eternal happiness depends on me." If he didn't go on a mission to the Philippines, someone else would go in his place. But maybe there are people there who he was meant to meet. He will change lives. 
Now that the time has come, all I can do is support him and stay positive. I am determined to not waste two years of my life being sad. I have a list of goals I want to accomplish while he's gone, so we can both meet up at the end of two years better people. 
I will move to Oregon, graduate college, become an art teacher, get a bulldog and name him Big, maybe go to Ireland, learn how to sew, take a yoga class, lose (realistically) 20 pounds (or hopefully more), and stay happy. And that is just the short list. 

What else should I do while he's gone?
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Kristen said...

First, I really admire your strength and positivity! I would be a complete mess if I was in your place. I did the long-distance thing for about 6 months and was a complete mess. So way to go!
Second, and I cannot be any more enthusiastic about this, go to Ireland for sure! You can do it relatively cheaply and it is such a fantastic place.

Kellies said...

Thanks! We'll see how strong I am when the time actually comes haha. And Ireland will happen one day, but maybe not soon. I need some monehz first!

B-Tuck said...

umm.. so i tried to comment already and my computer went crazy so if you get two comments from me, i'm sorry. they're going to say about the same thing. which is...

oh my sad!!! i remember sending trent on his mission and it was killer. i was also 18 and an emotional wreck and you seem to have it much more together than i did. :) you'll have a fun two years for sure. if you need something to do, give me a call. :)

Job and Rachael said...

You guys are just too cute! I start panicking if Job is gone for more than a day so I admire your goals. Just keep busy! :) (And enjoy Ireland, it is a stunning place!)

Job and Rachael said...

haha oooh! I didn't read that little approval thing....O.K. so don't approve all of these, they are redundant... :D

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