Monday, January 25, 2010


Welp, the infamous Oregon trip is behind me. Jeannette (and I, but mostly Jeannette) planned and planned and actually got a lot done while we were there. After sending out about 300 emails, I got a few leads and even an interview while I was in Portland. The interview went well, and I actually had the opportunity to go back the next day and teach printmaking at a birthday party my prospective boss was hosting at her art school. It was so much fun!

Hey, did you know that Oregon is GOREGOUS? Yeah. It is. Oh and guess what? Driving in Portland is hard. Especially when you're scared to drive a Charger. All those one-way streets.

We stayed with Jeannette's aunt, Carrie in Lebanon for two days. We drove all over kingdom come! Salem, Corvallis, and got lost about 1,000 times. Sometimes it was frustrating, but mostly we were so happy to be in Oregon that no Friendship-Ending Fight Part II happened.

Then we stayed in Portland where we dropped off resumes, went to check out all the places we wanted to get jobs but hadn't heard back from yet, and I had my interview. We went on a walking tour of Portland (the scandalous version), went to VooDoo Donuts (yum, but note to self: don't buy a dozen donuts for 3 people again. They will never get eaten). We went to Powell's (twice) and sat there for hours. And a record shop. And lots of other places.

All in all, I am happy that I invested the money to go on that trip, because now I know that I definitely want to move there this summer and teach art! If anyone knows of any jobs openings for art teaching or technical writing, let me know!

This girl was just chillin outside a building, reading.


Duck, duck, Goose at Ano's Art

Our tour guide, Alyssa.

The Willamett.

Memorial detail.





The Tillamook Cheese Factory!


Sweet shot.

Our nasty Mongolian all-you-can-eat buffet.


Salem street art.

Jeannette's family in Lebanon.

Sweet baby.

I love the houses here.

The Oregon Artificial Limb Association.

Graffiti art!
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Jensen: Dana and Ruth said...

I love Tillamook! Ice cream and cheese: it doesn't get much better than that.

Jeannette said...

Oh, Oregon. I think my favorite picts are the one of that girl reading a book and my cousins....biased? So what!

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