Friday, October 30, 2009

Ain't Trickin

Can I just say that I am NOT a Halloween person? There are only three reasons to celebrate Halloween:

1. You are young enough to trick or treat.
2. You are old enough to have kids who trick or treat.
3. You take pleasure in dressing like a slut.

I am none of the above. What does one do on Halloween when they don't want to celebrate it?
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Naazju said...

1) Go to the local Stake dance.
2) Buy two pounds of candy, find a roof, chuck it at unsuspecting passers-by.
3) Get a large cardboard cut-out of someone, leave it on a doorstep.
4) Decorate someone's car windows with window markers.
5) Hang out with your nephew.

Jeannette said...

visit this site, girl. You'll fall in love. She makes fun of all the crazy mormie bloggers out there. Read her profile before you read her blogs. You'll become addicted.

Kristen said...

when did you open an etsy shop?! i want EVERYTHING

Kellies said...

Haha on Friday. It's still really new so it only has like 8 things in it. Feel free to buy EVERYTHING!! :)

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