Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bright Side

Good things about being sick (cuz it's been almost a week and this is getting ridiculous):

1. Even though I had to miss four days of school and a day off, I got to watch Friends most of the time.
2. Matt put my les-bed back up (I have my own room right now so he put the two twin mattresses on my floor and my full-sized pillow top on top of much more much more comfies.)
3. The doctor and nurses at the BYU Urgent Care are competent and nice to me.
4. I had to get blood drawn twice, but didn't pass out, and got a DINOSAUR & a TWEETY bandaid.
5. Jamba.
6. After an ultrasound and two blood tests, my doctor said that it's probably just a virus and not something internal (like gallstones or my pancreas) I won't have to get surgery.

"Energy expended in negative ways is not energy spent on positive development."
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1 comment:

Naazju said...

Okay, seriously, you HAVE to get better. :( It's no fun when you're sad and your sister misses you. I'm definitely glad it's not something "internal," though!

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