Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 2nd: Venice to Rovereto

The view from the top of the Dolomites.
Going down.
Walking around.
Amber and me!
The view of the Dolomites. I wasn't impressed at first because there was just a pile of dirt! But then it got pretty once we started walking.
Fat Cow! It ended up being two. This is on the way up to the view.
View from the belltower in Venice.
Italy has some interesting graphic art...

Yesterday (June 2nd) was our travel day. Kelsey and I got up early to meet some people in our group at the bell tower. It was a 30 minute walk the day before, so we decided to get a water taxi since we didn't know the way. Well we got on the wrong one and ended up going the long way around the island! Instead of 3 stops our taxi made TEN! We were on a time crunch since our bus was leaving at 1030 and we left at 830. Needless to say we ran up that tower (actually there was an elevator...that was nice), took a few pictures, and booked it back to the water taxi. Our bus days are so nice because everyone is going all the time that it's nice to be forced to relax and calm down. I wrote a few emails and slept, mostly. We drove north through the Dolomites, which are mountains that are depicted in the Mona Lisa. They were SUCH a nice change from the cities we've been in. The roads were really windy, and everyone got sick. The mountains totally reminded me of Utah and Alaska mountains, and even Jacob Lake. I felt like I was driving back up there from Arizona like last summer, or on my way back down the canyon from hiking in Provo. It was a really surreal experience to know that I'm on another continent and can't be in those places for a while.

After an awesome nap on the floor of the bus, I woke up in a ski resort. We went up this cool thing like a ski lift, but they were little enclosed pods. The ride up the mountain was kind of scary, but so beautiful. We didn't know what was up there, and I expected a town or something. But we got up there and the first thing I saw was a mound of dirt and construction. I wasn't too impressed, but then I realized that we were on top of a freaking mountain and it was beautiful. Apparently we were in the biggest mountain meadow in Italy. We walked around and discovered a couple houses, a small hotel, and a few cafes with a hot dog stand outside. Since the Dolomites were annexed into Italy during WWII from Austria, most of the people there speak German first and then Italian. We got an authentic bratwurst on a roll. SO GOOD. There were some jerks hanging around the stand that had just been hiking and were definitely making fun of us. I don't even care. We can't help being American and not knowing German. We don't live in Germany, ok!

We drove to Rovereto and I am sitting in a hostel as we speak! Yeah, I don't know why they booked a hostel for us to stay in, but it's a cool experience. We have been used to some pretty decent hotels lately, so staying in a hostel is not as impressive, but it's a bed to sleep in. I did half my laundry last night in the sink with shampoo. Sarah did my hair and I went to bed happy to have a good night's sleep. 

Today we don't have to be anywhere until eleven. Thank the lord! I'm watching Danny Deckchair and going to take a rest until I have to go somewhere. Peace!

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