Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 29th and 30th: Last day in Florence and Venice

The Olympic Theater.
Me and Robert at dinner in Venice. Matt, does that name look familiar?
Venice at night.
Janey and I on the bridge on the way home from dinner.
Walking to dinner.
Hey guys, what we lookin at?

So Friday was our last day in Florence. Glory...I could finally sleep in and get over being sick a THIRD time this trip. But roommates decided to have a sunrise breakfast party with some other girls at 5am. That was fine, I slept through that. What I didn't sleep through was my roommate barging into my room at 630 in the morning with two other girls to see the view from our window. May I remind you that we have two full balconies, and another window across the apartment in an EMPTY room? I was SO PISSED OFF. I am not a morning person, was sick, and was abruptly awoken (rudely, might I add) for no other reason but the fact that some people wanted to climb on my pigeon-poo infested roof. The worst part was that I couldn't go back to bed, so as a result I have had three days of 4-5 hours a night of sleep. I miss having my own room..

I spent my last day doing errands. I got some medicine, went to the San Lorenzo market to get souvenirs, packed, and went out to dinner with the group. Eric and Bethanne decided to pay, which was a nice treat. Dad, I got some more cash :)

Today we had to be at our bus at 545, so I woke up at 445. Yeah, three and a half hours of sleep? It was surreal to leave our apartment, but I am glad to be moving on. We drove to Padova and saw a chapel designed by Giotto. Bethanne loves Giotto. He did some good things for art when he was alive, but I honestly think he has been so surpassed by other painters since then that his work is not impressive. then we drove to...Fiorenza? No, but it's something like that. Eric's friend Massomiliano came to talk to us about the Olympic Theater. He used to work at BYU and is a pretty famous concert pianist. He led a good discussion about art and truth and the theater was SO cool. Pictures later.

We got to Venice and walked over a bridge with a ton of stairs with all our suitcases...30 of us. Suitcase brigade! Nothing attracts attention like 30 Americans with suitcases and matching backpacks...again. I was planning on switching up the roommate situation once we left Florence...but I guess the leaders decided it would be easier to keep us all together. What are they THINKING? We have been together for a month, with no other friends to hang out with, and they don't think it's a good idea to mix things up a little bit? I'm definitely missing a little variety in the people I see every day.

We went to dinner all together. It was fun. We sat outside on the canal and had candles that kept blowing out and Emmy was obsessed with keeping them lit for the ambiance. I agreed. Our food was pretty good, but I'd never go back there again. Now I am sitting in my bathroom because I waited an hour for the internet and by the time it was my turn everyone went to bed. So they asked me to go to the bathroom because the light bothered them. I wouldn't be pissed if the series of events leading up to it weren't all somewhat irksome. Four girls in one little hotel room is not ideal. But then again I guess nothing is ideal, except the fact that I'm in Venice. That part is pretty dang cool..

I am hoping that a few hours of sleep will cure my pissy mood. i'm glad to be on the road, but now I'm realizing that I may be stuck with the same people for another two weeks. it's not their fault, I would like to switch it up if I were with any other three girls on this trip.

I'm missing my American life.


p.s. Wistie happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
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