Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 19th and 20th: Siena and Fiesole

Why hello there world. There isn't much to update about the past two days. We went to Siena yesterday on the bus. We went to see a museum there and the Duomo. The duomo was really cool because the ceiling was deep blue and covered in stars. We walked around shopping and sketching, seeing as the purpose of going to Siena was for sketchbook class. Classes are so cool here because we will go on cool trips, and do homework there kind of on the side. Bethanne just let us loose and said "sketch for three hours", which of course no one did. I got some cool sketches of things in shops like a dress and a watch. They have really nice things here in Italy, which means everything is expensive. Plus the 1.5 conversion rate to euros, it pretty much breaks the bank. Oh well...worth it, right? Good thing I'm not here for more than seven weeks or I'd be in trouble!

We got some good pizza in the square and sat down in a street to eat it. There are charges here to sit at a table since they don't do tips here. So we rarely sit to save money. Well, there are a TON of pigeons everywhere in Italy. Wistie: FAT PIGEON! They're ALL fat, man. Anyway, my pizza fell on the ground. I still ate it (starving!) but gave them some of my priscutto (sp?) cuz it fell. Apparently it wasn't to their liking because they would pick it up in their beaks and flick it in the air. One pigeon in particular had amazing aim, because it fell right into Sid&Nancy, my nalgene waterbottle. GROSS. Also the second Clarke walked out of a shop, a pigeon laid a FAT poo on his head. He started screaming in anger and washed his hair right there in the street. Lucky boys. I felt for him since I've been poo'd on the head before by a pidge and it isn't fun. Pigeons are gross and I definitely won't miss them when I come back. But they are fun to watch because they all have a different personality. Watch a group of pigeons and you can tell. I'm not crazy, I swear.

After the hour bus ride back, Amber, Clarke, Kelsey and I went exploring. We found a ton of cool shops by the river. One of them sold only scarves. Guess how much they were? 20? 30? 100? NO. FIVE HUNDRED EUROS for ONE scarf. That is quite literally one of the most ubsurd things I've seen in my life. Who has the cash to lay down 500 bucks on a scarf? That'd be 750 dollars for an American. That's freaking ridonkulous. Go save a city in Africa or something, you wacko.

Today we just went up to Fiesole to paint at the monastery again. Bethanne is such a great teacher that I feel like my painting is 50% better just because of the tips she gave me. We went to an amazing pastry shop again. Also I am now addicted to Mukki sMUHthies aka the best strawberry milk I've ever tasted. Yum :) They make me happy. Went to class and turned in projects. We only have two more days of class for typography. Isn't that crazy? We're leaving Florence next Saturday and traveling for a week, then a week with my family and I'll be HOME! I can't believe how slow and fast it's going. The typography assignment is kind of time consuming and I don't think it's realistic to ask us to finish an amazing project in this time, especially since they plan all day every day for us. But I'm doing my best. 

I feel like I have allergies here, because my health is still not 100%. It's kind of frustrating to be perpetually sick, and it's always morphing into something right as I get it under control. Yay for being sick?!

I'm really glad for the close friends I have made on this trip. I feel like I can confide in them and they make me feel better when I get into an antisocial mood. Thank goodness for good friends from all places.

Matthew is on his way to Boise right now to sell alarm systems for work. I wish I could be there with you, Matt! Wistie, I really hope you get that 911 job and that Liesel comes up this weekend. Amy and Steve, I'm really glad that you are reunited and having a great time! Jeannette, I'm reading your blogs and wishing I were in Rexburg, too! Too bad I can only be in one place at one time. Maureen and Ken, I'm sad I'm missing out on pregnancy things. When I get back we shall have family dinner and I will help and we can catch up. Aaron, I need your address so I can send you fun postcards. Mom and Dad, thanks for being so good about me coming on this trip. It really makes things a lot easier when you have great parents supporting you :) Brian and Melissa, I put your announcement up on my fridge. It's a nice reminder of home and fun things to come when I get back to America! Everyone thinks you're super cute. My friend Amber said you're the happiest couple she's seen in an announcement in a long time. 

Well dear friends, as always I miss you lots and can't wait to get back to your awesomeness. Send me love notes aka emails and comments and whatnot and tell me what's new. Love.
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