Sunday, February 22, 2009

Streetwalkers and Carnies

I pulled you in with the title, didn't I? Too bad, this post isn't what you think it is. I just wanted you to read about what I learned this week!

Someone I know told me about this website where it teaches you how to do different transfer techniques.

For anyone who isn't really into art, the transfer method is a way to transfer one image from a book, magazine, picture...anything, to the canvas you're working on. It looks really cool and antiquey, and is more legit (in my opinion) than just putting the image on their with glue. My observation group actually taught this to a jr. high studio class on friday, and the kids got SO excited, because this method gives you so many options. Anyway, if anyone is interested, here's the link, and some pictures I found on the site.

Even if you're not an artist, this is fun in scrapbooks, journals, photo frames, anything. Another idea is to print out a big picture and transfer it onto a canvas. Hang it up or frame it and you have some easy, cheap art. The easiest method is to use blender pens or duct tape.

Sorry if this is boring to anyone, but I think stuff like this is really cool. And if you're bored, too bad!

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