Monday, January 19, 2009

getting older

every time i think about growing older, i think of that colbie caillat song, "growing older." it talks about how it just plain sucks to grow up and that it's hard to be in that weird, in-between stage. usually i'm commiserating when i think of how growing up sucks, but tonight reminded me why i love being in this stage of my life right now.

we threw stephen a "hopi surprise birthday" for his 22nd b-day, 22 days after the face (on accident haha). we built a ridiculous purlple and pink cake with teal frosting.

we played games that ended up being ridiculously dirty in nature, and sat laughing for 3 hours around a table full of clay poker chips. we ate delicious homemade chinese food and i drank about half a liter of straight up COKE. we joked, wore one party hat amongst the six of us, laughed. five hours passed without incident.

it was awesome, and i was with the people who i consider akin to family. src="" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5292916009802680914" />

and this is when i realize that any stage in my life is fun as long as i'm around the people i love, even if everything isn't perfect. i don't have a job yet, i have forced night classes that make me cranky, and the constant weight of matt's imminent departure from my life for two years next february.

but for now, the fact that i have amazing friends, a loving family, my sister and brother in law close by, i'm actually in college and pursuing a career i hope to love (with my whole family supporting me), a good financial situation, a virtually free car, a great new apartment, nice roommates, and my health, a calling that will actually let me get to know people in my new ward (which is 1,000 times better than my last one), and fun times, remind me that God really does look after me. he sends me trials that he knows will stretch me and make me a better person, and people to bless my life through those trials and make me laugh way more than i cry.

life will undoubtedly always be somewhat tricky, frustrating, and just plain disappointing. but making memories like tonight make me love my life. life is hard at times, but we were sent here to have joy. i have found joy in my life, and am so grateful for that.
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