Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Horoscopes DO come true.

Daily Couples Horoscope: "The answers you've been searching for have been with you all the time, and you just didn't know where to look. Today it all makes sense and you'll gain a deeper understanding of your partner."

Even though I don't believe in horoscopes, that one kinda came true today. I saw some people from high school today that are four years older than the last time I saw them, but act like we're still in high school. I'm all for having fun, but there's a difference between keeping things light and not maturing. It made me realize even more how mature Matt really is for his age. He is wise beyond his years and I really appreciate that he knows how to balance being crazy with being realistic. I love it!

I love my family. Example: We went to a Japanese restaurant tonight for dinner. As we're finishing up our meal full of sexual in-you-end-os, guess who walks in? None other but SANTA...for SUSHI. It was awesome. Full beard (real, might I add?), the red and white outfit...I'm pretty sure he even had the boots. So he orders something to go and we go outside to wait in the car for my friends to pick me up. When Santa walks out of the Japanese place with a bag full of sushi, I grab my camera and tell my dad to take a picture, quick! So my dad takes it and the flash hits Santa's eyes. He starts walking towards my mom's side of the car and looks like he's about to pull out a freaking gun. Turns out he just wanted to take a picture with me and gave my mom his card. Check the name: Santa DON. Yesssssss. This man made my day. I love that people like this just walk around, doin their own thing, not caring about what people think about them. Merry effing Christmas, yo.
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