Saturday, November 10, 2012

Strange Thanks

You know those Facebook trends like Doppleganger week, or let's-post-a-color-of-a-bra-and-laugh-because-we're-crazy-and-boys-will-never-find-out-oh-wait-they-can-just-google-it week? Yeah, me too. Now that the crazy political gang bang has ceased, it's time for "Seriously So Blessed November." If you're a Geico Caveman, SSBN is where people get to be annoying every day for a whole month under the guise of being thankful. But there's a good spirit behind the annoying-ness, so I'll go along with it. But f'reals, you guys all know that I am thankful for my mom, and being an American, and the Gospel and all that wonderful whatnot. In comes Strange Thanks. Strange Thanks is Seriously So Blessed's crazy aunt. This is the weirdest list of things I can think of that I am happy exists on this earth. One for every day of the whole strange month of SSB November. Here we go:

1. Shower curtains. Think about it.
2. Slapping someone's butt so well you hear that snap.
3. Cat Memes.

4. Moving sidewalks.
5. Garbage men.
6. Child leashes.
8. Stonehenge. B knows how to be mysterious.
9. Truckers.
10. Hitting every green light on your way home from work.
11. The Elvis/Tupac lives myth.
12. Having someone in the service industry be genuinely nice to you.

14. Human flight.
15. Finding money you "hid" months ago.
16. Twins.
17. That guy who lives in the woods in Utah and breaks into peoples' houses for toilet paper and whatnot. 
18. The perfect bite.
19. The 12 billion years before Twilight existed.
20. Getting away with a fart in public.
21. Having a song end right before you have to get out of the car. 
22. Getting to the hotel hot tub and finding out you have it all to yourself.
23. Having your hair washed by a professional hair stylist. 
24. Strangers finding out it's your birthday from the person you're with.
25. Dinosaurs.
26. Kids trying to be really serious about some kid thing.
27. Taking your bra off at the end of the day.
28. Hello Kitty.
29.  Hugging your parents for the first time in months. 
30. Watching babies eat lemons for the first time. 

And...a couple things I'm not thankful for:

1. Daylight Savings Time.

Turns out one was all I needed.

Join me! What's on your Strange Thanks list?
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